Cheap Wine
Ask the waiter to uncork a bottle of Cabernet, because at these destinations, wine is cheaper than water!

Wine… Cheaper Than Water

Tasting wines from countries like Chile, Argentina or Italy is not only a great pleasure but also a luxury that DINKtravelers love to give themselves. However, not all destinations were created equal and, in some cases, this product can have a lower cost than a bottle of water. Great news! Now, before you ask the waiter to uncork a bottle for you, we’ll tell you where you must travel in order to enjoy wine that’s lighter for your wallet than a glass of water.

Wine Cheaper than Water in Australia

If you buy a 350ml bottle of water that regularly costs 2.5 Australian dollars (1.7 USD) and you compare it with a 750ml bottle of white wine of a renowned label, you’ll notice that the wine is only 40 cents more expensive than the bottle of water. On the other hand, a 375 ml bottle of red wine can be found for only 1 Australian dollar (70 cents). This is due, mainly, to the fact that the international demand of Australian wines has decreased, so the product has been returned to a domestic market that usually buys it at an inferior price. Yet, if you enjoy fresh and fruity wines of consistent quality, this destination is right for you. Among the main regions you should visit Barossa Valley, famous for its robust Shiraz, McLaren Vale, admired for its Sauvignon Blanc, and Mudgee, specialized in red wines like Merlot.

Top Cheap French Wines

France is the most visited country in the world because it’s rich in culture, tasty bread and…wine. Even though visiting this country is economically demanding, savvy travelers know that luxury depends on creating unique moments in special sceneries. Therefore, prepare a basket with a baguette and several varieties of cheese, and schedule a picnic on the banks of the Seine. You’ll have the chance to pair your gourmet lunch with a bottle of good wine for only 3 Euros (3.2 USD)!

Spanish Wine Dinner

When you eat at a restaurant while visiting this beautiful destination, you’ll notice that most venues offer a Menu of the day. Their costs vary between 8 and 13 Euros (9 to 14 USD) but they include two dishes, dessert and, surprisingly, a glass of wine or beer. Remember that, in Spain, lunch is a feast that is part of a gastronomic ritual, so wine is the perfect inspiration to give way to conversations with the locals while sharing some tapas.

Wine From Croatia

In cities like Dubrovnik, a glass of wine has an approximate cost of 8 Croatian kunas (1 USD), while a bottle of water usually costs 15 kunas (2 USD). This occurs mainly in places where they sell labels from small and local winemakers that offer good quality wine despite not being very well known. If you like white wine, try the Malvasia, famous for its strong aroma and sweet taste, and if you’re a fan of red wine, we recommend the Teran, ideal to pair cold cuts.

Because reading is where the journey begins...
  • Visits in Exchange for Wine-Tastings

    In most vineyards, when you visit the wineries they offer you a wine-tasting experience.

  • Drink Wine With an Exclusive Style

    Although tasting wine is done practically the same everywhere, follow the steps they teach you at each vineyard.

  • Don’t Mix Aromas

    It’s advisable not to wear any perfume on the day you’ll go on a wine-tasting tour. This way, external scents won’t mix with the wine’s aroma.