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When your vacations are over, a massage might be the perfect way to relax before having to tackle a stressful day back at the office.

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Usually, when we go on a trip we want to enjoy every moment, so we plan as many activities as we can fit in those days. Among them, travelers usually love going on cultural tours, practicing extreme sports, visiting theme parks and finishing the day with long walks along the beach. Evidently, once our vacations are over what we desire the most is to have additional days off so we can recover from our exhausting trip!

After living life to the fullest, we usually have to go back to the office the following day after returning from our vacation. As a consequence, the first week back at our desk feels like an unending torment. If you want to stop suffering this post-vacation torture, don’t leave your destination without taking at least an hour to relax with a soothing massage. You’ll see that your mood will be totally Zen to help you cope with the first days you have to wear a tie or high heels again.

Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

Nowadays, when people hear the word “massage”, there are still many who link it with an activity that is exclusively meant for women. In fact, there are some places in Japan where men can’t get a massage unless they are accompanied by their wife, girlfriend or friend. Nevertheless, the proven benefits of getting a massage have favored changing this perspective. Actually, numerous studies have found that massages help energize the organism, relieve exhaustion, improve your blood flow, optimize sensorial consciousness, increase sexual satisfaction and stimulate the body so you can perceive more easily signs of pleasure. Therefore, many hotels, spas and beach clubs offer this amazing service for both sexes as an opportunity to relax and relieve stress.

Getting a Massage On Vacation

Our favorite spots are spas. There you can enjoy a special atmosphere accompanied by aromatherapy, soothing candles and music that favors chakras alignment apart from infusing absolute calm and tranquility.

Among the hundreds of available massages, we recommend the traditional full body medium pressure massage –deeper or stronger pressure could be a bit uncomfortable for newbies. It will stimulate your bloodstream, reduce tension and fight the negative effects of free radicals in your skin cells. On the other hand, if you have accumulated stress, we recommend a head, neck and shoulders massage. This alternative relieves mental fatigue, visual exhaustion, and lessens teeth grinding and ear buzzing.

Finally, if you want to try the benefits described in the legend of Cleopatra that said that she stayed young because she bathed in donkey milk, some spas offer the chance to add this experience to your massage.  

So, choose a luxury spa, select your massage, enjoy your favorite scents and drift into a state of full relaxation. We guarantee that when Monday morning comes, you’ll be ready to tackle even the most stressful day at the office.

Because reading is where the journey begins...
  • Mind Your Health

    Before making a reservation for a spa treatment specify any health issue that might have an effect on how you respond to the treatment: skin prone to acne, high blood pressure, and recent surgeries.

  • Schedule a Massage

    If you’ll only have one massage during your stay at a beach resort, have it on the first day of your trip before your skin is suntanned and becomes too sensitive.

  • Rehydrate

    Drink water with chlorophyll after your treatment in order to rehydrate your skin.

  • Outdoors Spas

    In Africa there are spas with outdoors treatment areas that are immerse in a jungle-like environment.

  • Reduce Stress Levels

    Massages are recommended to reduce stress and anxiety, improve blood flow and alleviate muscle pain and mild headaches.

  • Natural Treatments

    The products that are used in health spas are usually made with natural ingredients such as flowers, edibles and water.