Marquelia Destination Guide
Tourism in Marquelia invites us to restructure our idea of luxury as it offers us a different perspective of natural and environmental wealth.

Travel to Guerrero and Discover Marquelia

When you travel to the state of Guerrero, in Mexico, it’s common for people to recommend visiting the two most classic destinations: Ixtapa, known for its big waves, and Acapulco, with nightlife as its main attraction. But actually, next time you travel to Acapulco, DINKtravelers suggests setting aside one day in order to visit another destination we want to propose.

Two hours away from there, on the way to Pinotepa Nacional, you’ll find the town of Marquelia. We know that, as a traveler, the first think you’ll ask will be: “What’s there to see in Marquelia that I might not find elsewhere?” But the real question should be: “What’s not to see?!” This town is a small piece of paradise that lies miles away from the effects of mass tourism. Even if it may seem austere, it has everything you need to enjoy a harmonious experience, including: baby sea turtle liberation, professional massages, bike tours and kayak tours.

Top Things to Do in Marquelia

The Costa Chica of the state of Guerrero is rich in culture and nature, while the physical features, the way of life, and the traditions local communities share show their Afro-Mexican heritage. Marquelia is located on this coast, so its inhabitants have inherited the tastes and colors of Africa. Its small bay remained untouched for many years, until some of the townspeople decided to establish near the shore of Las Peñitas. There, they started making a living from fishing and selling goods to visitors. As a result, their small businesses established first in improvised huts became restaurants, a camping site and a series of cabins for tourists who want to spend the night.

A visit to this beach is profoundly enjoyable given the natural show it offers. The fistful of tourists that go there favors environmental conservation, so it’s a perfect spot for ecofriendly travelers. The whole setting is like a natural display, so you’ll get the chance to see birds, reptiles and even some marine fauna that swims next to visitors without a care in the world.

Although it’s true that days in Marquelia are wonderful, the nights also have their charm. Clear starry skies remind us of the world’s greatness compared to our small existence, as we lie hypnotized by the flashing beams above us. The waves’ murmur, the stars and the bioluminescent effects that plankton creates will keep you immerse in light even after dark.

Tourism in Marquelia invites us to restructure our idea of luxury as it offers us a different perspective of natural and environmental wealth and drives us away from routine and city life. Join us on our next trip to this destination!

Because reading is where the journey begins...
  • Choose the Best Travel Season

    We recommend visiting Marquelia in December and January when the weather is hot and the ocean water is warm.

  • Travel Green

    If you travel to Guerrero in December, don’t miss the chance to liberate turtles at the beaches of Marquelia.

  • Relax Without Crowds

    Visit Marquelia any time of the year and you’ll find a tourist-free relaxing vacation spot.

  • Chilena Music

    One of the attractions you’ll find in Guerrero is “chilena” music. It’ll make you dance!

  • Virgin Landscapes

    The abundant vegetation in Marquelia makes you feel as if you were visiting a virgin beach.