All About the Garden Route
Live and feel South Africa through the Garden Route, a journey that will take you whale watching in Hermanus and wine tasting in Paarl.

Travel to South Africa

South Africa has been a popular destination for years, and its fame has increased so much, that it hosted the 2010 FIFA World Cup (although the country itself was not allowed to participate in official soccer tournaments from 1974 to 1992).

Apart from sharing your passion for sports, DINKtravelers will help you discover why South Africa has also been defined as the best touristic destination to visit…particularly when referring to Cape Town. Therefore, we invite you to unveil the beauty of South Africa by driving the famous Garden Route.

Garden Route Itinerary

Garden Route connects Cape Town to Port Elizabeth and it should be traveled by car. Even though there are concierge agencies that can arrange for you to have a private driver, we recommend renting a car and taking control of your own tour by getting behind the wheel.

The destinations you visit will depend on the number of days you have planned for your trip, so we offer you 2 different itineraries:

Garden Route in 3 Days

Drive southeast following the coastline of False Bay and head to Hermanus, also known as the Whale Watching National Capital. If you travel in October, you’ll get the chance to see this gigantic mammal swim near the coast.

Next stop: Knysna, famous for its picturesque landscapes conformed by imposing cliffs that engulf a lagoon. And later in the day, when you get hungry, try the city’s exquisite oysters.

Garden Route in 5 Days

South Africa is one of the world’s greatest wine producers, so we suggest this route if you want to visit vineyards, wineries, and taste full-bodied grand reserves. The most important wine destination you’ll visit in this route: the town of Paarl.

Also, as part of this tour you’ll get the chance to go to Cango Caves. You’ll be surprised by its long sequences of underground caves! Actually, they’re the longest in the world. A visit to its 9 most important caves takes about an hour, but if you want to have a more physically demanding experience choose the 1.5hrs tour that will take you to other caves with a more difficult access.

Once you reach Port Elizabeth, relax at the beach, walk along the port, admire its tall lighthouses and, of course, visit the legendary Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum.

No matter which route you choose, we guarantee that this road trip will be very rewarding after enjoying your whale watching experience in Hermanus and tasting the wine varieties of Paarl. Feel and live South Africa through the Garden Route.

Because reading is where the journey begins...
  • Visits in Exchange for Wine-Tastings

    In most vineyards, when you visit the wineries they offer you a wine-tasting experience.

  • Drink Wine With an Exclusive Style

    Although tasting wine is done practically the same everywhere, follow the steps they teach you at each vineyard.

  • Don’t Mix Aromas

    It’s advisable not to wear any perfume on the day you’ll go on a wine-tasting tour. This way, external scents won’t mix with the wine’s aroma.

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