Gardens of Versailles
From the Palace of Versaille’s stairway you can admire the most famous French gardens.

Royal Walk in Versailles

Experts say that going on a promenade in a natural setting reduces the stress that results from hard work and city life. That’s why today DINKtravelers invites you to learn about the Parisian natural royalty found in the Gardens of Versailles. In order to enjoy your visit even more, wear comfortable shoes and take a cap and a light sweater that protects you from the humid environment. Remember that your entrance ticket is valid all day long and it includes a visit to the Palace, so you’ll also be able to fall in love with the architecture that was home to the monarchs during the French Revolution. By the way, remember to ask for a map of the site so you won’t get lost in the gardens.

Visiting the Gardens of Versailles

According to Versailles’ administrators, the gardens can’t be completely covered in one day and you need around 72 hours of continuous walking if you want to see every corner of the area. For this reason, you’ll love to learn that near the first square of the Palace you can rent a golf cart that will allow you to visit all the gardens without worrying about feeling tired or not having enough time. Have your camera ready and photograph the Palace’s details, but once you reach the Grand Canal, prepare your wide-angle lens so you can capture the panoramic view.

History of the Gardens of Versailles

The Gardens of Versailles have an extension of 800 acres and they are a reminder of the remodeling works ordered by Louis XIV, the Sun King, to renew the former French court residence. This elegant building that joins geometry and nature was designed by the architect André Le Nõtre. Its construction began in 1661 and it lasted 40 years because it was planned in a forested area that required preparation.

If you stand on the Palace’s stairway you’ll be able to see the corridors of lime trees, oaks, poplars, ash trees and cherry trees, as well as great fountains and 30 water tanks with classical sculptures such as that of Neptune and Apollo. Also, in the Arboretum de Chèvreloup you’ll find more than 2,000 trees species from all around the world, and if you’re a fan of gastronomy, you can’t miss visiting the Monarch’s Vegetable Garden, where they used to grow the fruits and vegetables that were needed to prepare the king’s food.

Gardens of Versailles Opening Hours

The gardens open from 8:00 to 18:00, so you should arrive early if you want to walk around them leisurely. Later you can go out for lunch and drinks and come back to enjoy the dancing fountains show that is held from April to October.

Now you know, if you like luxury and nature, the Gardens of Versailles are the perfect option for you.

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