Cloud Forest in Gardens by The Bay
Visit Cloud Forest in Singapore, a man-made mountain that’s covered with a veil of mist and houses teachings about sustainable tourism.

The Cloud Forest of Singapore

If we traveled in time to visit the natural world in the future, we might discover that, sadly, concepts like ecotourism and mountaineering are a thing of the past. If global warming increases, we will lose ecosystems, species and, in general, everything that gives our planet the brilliant and intense colors that we so much love in nature. All this is what you’ll learn when you visit Cloud Forest in Singapore.

Gardens by The Bay

This attraction is located in the Gardens by the Bay complex –101 acres of reclaimed land composed by three gardens–, near the city’s Financial District. Cloud Forest, one of the two domes found in the Gardens, harbors the world’s tallest indoors waterfall as well as a 35-meter tall man-made mountain that’s covered by a veil of mist and a coat of vegetation.

Cloud Forests in the Humid Tropics

As you walk through its different levels, you’ll discover the flora that grows in Mount Kinabalu, in Malaysia, and in several parts of South America and Africa. You’ll see plants that grow in tropical zones as well as others that thrive 2,000 meters above sea level. Their colors, together with the suspended walkways that cross through the mountain, will make you fall in love with natural landscapes.

As you enter the dome, the first thing you’ll find will be the 30-meter tall cascade that will receive you with a deafening clamor. Take pictures there before you start your tour, but don’t go near the base of the waterfall or you’ll get wet, and if you combine that with the cold air-conditioned environment, you’ll freeze!

DINKtravelers recommends taking the elevator that takes to the mountaintop and starting your descent from that point. The walkways will guide you down level by level while you enjoy the aerial views of Marina Bay, visible through the dome’s glass panels.

You’ll learn about biodiversity, ecosystems and geology and you’ll see orchids, begonias and even carnivorous plants. When you reach Crystal Mountain Cave level, you’ll find yourself surrounded by stalactites and stalagmites, and you’ll learn about the importance of studying the geological past of our planet.

Consequences of Global Warming

The most impressive part of the tour will come at the end. Underneath the mountain you’ll find level +5 Degrees, where you’ll make a virtual journey through time to learn about the environmental problems that threaten to destroy all the beauty you saw above. This part of the visit is a call for tourists to work together to create a sustainable world and an eco-friendly society.

Cloud Forest Fun Facts

2,557 number of glass panels of…

690 different shapes that conform the dome of…

58 meters that receives…

1,200 visitors between…

9:00 and 21:00 for only…

28 dollars, including the ticket for the Flower Dome.

Recommendations to visit the Cloud Forest

  • Take a sweater

  • Add two attractions to your tour: Flower Dome and Supertrees

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  • A Natural Promenade

    In Gardens by the Bay, apart from visiting Cloud Forest you can visit the spectacular eco park for free.

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  • Architectonic Tech

    Cloud Forest in Gardens by the Bay has a huge dome that simulates the tropical weather.