Travel Pillows
Recover from exhausting flights and tours so you can enjoy your trips with these useful tips for a good night sleep!

Best Tips for Having a Good Rest When You Travel

When you travel, have you ever felt too tired to enjoy your vacation because of restless airplane naps, exhausting tours and jet lag? Your best chance to recover from that and be ready to have fun is having a good quality rest. DINKtravelers has some tips for you:

Sleeping Well on Vacation

  • Take a soothing 20-minute bath with hot water (38-40 ºC)

  • Call room-service and order a cup of hot milk to help calm your nervous system

  • Listen to classical music, which produces alpha waves a.k.a. relaxing waves

  • Use indirect lighting an hour before you go to bed

  • Stretch and meditate for five minutes before sleeping

Avoid stimulating your body and brain

  • Stay away from caffeine!

  • Turn the TV, smartphone and Tablet off

Prepare your hotel bedroom environment

  • The ideal average sleeping temperature is 26-28ºC in summer time and 18-23ºC during winter. Program the AC an hour before going to bed

  • Close the curtains or screens to prevent outside light from keeping you up

Best Pillows for Good Night Sleep

Check height, material, shape (some hotels offer different choices for people with sleep or back problems, so call the front desk)

Pillows are particularly important to have a good quality rest. If your pillow is too low, your face will sink in it and it’ll be puffy in the morning, but if it’s too hard or high, you can even wake up with a headache, stiff shoulders or neck pain! That could spoil your vacation, right?

How to Choose a Travel Pillow

Although it’s usually better to travel light, here are some tips on how to choose a travel pillow in case you want to guarantee your comfort:


The ideal average height of a pillow form women is 3cm and 4cm for men. However, to evaluate if yours is fine, check that you have the same neck angle when you stand upright as when you lay down. It’s the most comfortable posture for the body.


This depends on your preference, allergies and ecologic principles. Among the most popular materials you can find…

  • Down: It’s light and has superior breathability

  • Synthetic fill: Usually made of polyester, it’s hypoallergenic

  • Memory foam: It molds to your weight. Ideal for people with neck and spine issues


There are bunch of shapes and sizes in the market. However, take into account that you should try one that’s easy to mold to your body when you adapt different postures in bed. Believe or not, you turn over in the bed 20-30 times in a night. So these are very important issues to take into account.

Have a nice rest and enjoy your trips with lots of energy and zero dark circles under your eyes!

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