Bike Tours in Ferrara
Ferrara is a population with over five centuries of bicycling tradition. Don’t miss reading about this city on wheels.

Cycling around Ferrara in Italy

The city of Ferrara, north of Italy, is famous for having been the first European urban nucleus to have a modern trace. During the last decade of the fifteenth century, it changed from a medieval logic to a modern urban distribution thanks to architect Biagio Rosetti’s design. Since then, every corner of the city is characterized by a very light traffic. This turns it into a peaceful destination one can drive across… or pedal across with lots of style. Actually, Ferrara’s urban model is so accessible that it favors the use of bicycles as the main means of transportation. That’s why this Italian touristic treasure is known as “bicycle city”.

Bicycles in Ferrara

Existing texts show that the population in Ferrara has moved around on two wheels since the sixteenth century. In that time, this environmentally friendly ride became so popular that it was preferred over horses and carriages. Apart from allowing people to travel rapidly, the bicycle was cheaper than any other means of transportation, and so, with the years, its use became a tradition. Currently there are around 100,000 bicycles in Ferrara; even more than in Amsterdam, which is also famous for its love for bikes.   

Bike Tour in Ferrara

At DINKtravelers we believe that if you visit Ferrara, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to rent a bicycle and ride across downtown until you reach the city walls. You’ll notice that in some streets, you can count over a hundred parked bikes! Men, women and children use them all the time, creating a different kind of road behavior. Streets are not as hectic as those found in big cities because there are a lot less automobiles, and instead of beeping and roaring sounds, it’s common to hear friends greeting each other whenever they meet on their way home.

It doesn’t matter at which time of the year you find yourself there. Bicycles are part of everyone’s daily life. In that sense, the spectacle during rainy season is a “must see” since the inhabitants of Ferrara are so skilled that they ride their bicycles, umbrellas in hand. This fills the streets with a parade of colors and movement created by the umbrellas and raincoats that pass you by contrasting with the slower motion of unhurried pedestrians.

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