Black Eggs in Owakudani
Seeing black eggs for the first time causes a sense of mystery, a bit of curiosity and the desire to try them.

In Hakone Discover the Secret of a Long Life

Owakundani is a destination harbored by the city of Hakone in Japan. At the same time, Hakone is located in the district of Ashigarashimo, which is two hours away from Tokyo by train. But what’s really important is that Hakone is a volcanic area characterized by vapor water springs otherwise known as geysers.

We can find this natural phenomenon in countries like the Mexico, United States  and Chile, but Owakundani is the only one that offers tourists a very curious and unique snack DINKtravelers invites you to try: black eggs.

Boiling Eggs in a Geyser

Seeing them for the first time causes a sense of mystery, a bit of curiosity and the desire to try them. And if you observe them in detail you’ll notice that their black color is so even and pure, that it seems as if they were hand-painted… although the truth is far from that. They acquire this marvelous color in a very interesting way. The inhabitants of Hakone place the eggs close to the geyser sources found in the volcanic area and allow the scalding water to bathe them. This way, the egg gets so hot that the eggshell burns while the content is cooked.

Once you dispose of the shell, you’ll find yourself with a seemingly normal boiled egg, but the truth is that they’re no ordinary eggs. Actually, according to a legend, for every black egg you eat you will be granted 7 extra years of life! Still, we strongly advise against trying to find eternal life by eating countless amounts of eggs. If you do, the only thing you might find is the cause of a terrible indigestion!

The Japanese Eggs of Longevity

When you visit Owakundani we recommend having something light for breakfast at your hotel and then going out in search of a typical paper bag full of black eggs: they’re the perfect snack for a long life. And if you’re wondering where you can buy them, don’t worry, there are hawkers that sell this souvenir-snack all around the place.

DINKtravelers suggests taking enough cash with you. Hakone is not close to the city, so even though you can find many tourists there, there are very few places where they take credit or debit cards or any currency that’s not the yen.

Because reading is where the journey begins...
  • Get the Best View

    In order to get to Owakundani take the cable car. Take pictures on the way because it is from that distance and height that you’ll have the best views of this site.

  • Enjoy Good Eats

    Black egg bags contain 5 eggs. One bag is enough to enjoy this tasty snack, but buy extra ones and take them as souvenirs.

  • Great Views of Mout Fuji

    When the fog fades, you can find the best views of Mount Fuji from Hakone.

  • Valley of Hell

    Because it is a sulfurous zone, Hakone is known as the Valley of Hell.

  • A Huge Explosion

    Owakuzawa crater resulted from an explosion that occurred approximately 3000 years ago.