The Best Places to Visit in Campeche
Campeche still keeps its colonial architecture with picturesque façades, authentic bastions and an impenetrable wall.

Discovering Campeche

It used to be very common for pirates to attack the American coasts, and so, many coastal cities protected themselves by building a fortress or a wall. One of these cities was Campeche, in the Yucatan Peninsula, near the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. Its pleasant weather, the warmth of its inhabitants and its incomparable history have made Campeche, the capital of the homonymous southeastern Mexican state, one of the main touristic destinations in the country.

This city still keeps its colonial architecture with picturesque façades, its authentic bastions and its impenetrable wall, all of which have earned it the title of , as well as a place among the Pueblos Mágicos (Magical Towns) listing –towns that are protected by the Mexican Ministry of Tourism because of their beauty and history.

Main Tourist Attractions in Campeche

Over time, the city has grown so much that now the fortified area is only a part of downtown Campeche. For that reason, once you arrive at the city you must look for the Earth Door; a door that has been literally built into the wall and that leads downtown. Within the wall you will find a fortified city decorated with a cannon that served as part of the defenses against the pirate ransacks in the eighteenth century. Follow the road on 59th St. and don’t miss the brightly colored façades. Once you reach 10th St. turn right to find yourself standing before the spectacular Cathedral of Campeche, which was built on top of the first catholic temple in the city. Visit it inside and out!  Its neoclassic interior contrasts impressively with its baroque façade.

Later, when you get hungry, have lunch at one of the local restaurants. Seafood and fish are the specialty in Campeche. Dishes prepared with chaya –a type of bush that measures from 7 to 8 feet and is rich in vitamin A and C– including chaya cream, chaya water and chaya tamales are also famous.

Watch the sunset from top of one of the bastions. Particularly the one dedicated to San Carlos, which was built in the seventeenth century, has a small exhibit about the city’s history. At the top you will find one of the best views of Campeche and the coast while the breeze caresses your skin offering you a sublime sensation.

When night starts falling don’t miss the opportunity to go for a walk along the waterfront promenade. There you will find hundreds of people enjoying the nice weather and heading to the bars and nightclubs; and best of all: you will have a great view of downtown Campeche lit with artificial lights and crowned by the cathedral.

Because reading is where the journey begins...
  • Follow Local Tradition

    After dark, follow the local tradition of walking along Campeche’s pier while enjoying an ice cream and feeling the sea breeze on your skin.

  • Try Something Delish

    Make the most of your visit to Campeche by trying the region’s typical dishes including dogfish bread, chicken with peanut sauce and black beans with pork meat.

  • Speaking Mayan

    Even though Spanish is the main language in Campeche, 12 out of every 100 people there only speak Mayan, a native language in that region.

  • The Former Capital

    Campeche was the capital of Yucatan, a neighboring state, in 1826.

  • Campechanos in Campeche

    A person who is born in Campeche is known as campechano, although curiously, in Mexico this term refers to combining two or more ingredients to prepare certain foods.