The Medieval Tower of Bologna
The best place to enjoy the medieval horizon of Bologna is the Asinelli tower with its 328 feet of height.

Traveling to Bologna in Italy

There are those who say that everything is clearer when we see it from afar. As a matter of fact, an aerial perspective offers a privileged visibility and it allows us to observe a landscape as a whole. Today we invite you to climb to great heights in order to discover medieval Bologna.

Bologna is the capital of the Emilia-Romagna region, north of Italy. Although its history began in Ancient Times, it was during the Middle Ages when it lived its golden years. After the year 1000 A.D. it expanded as a consequence of the great population growth. It was during that time when the city gained its grid urbanism and got a delimited core. The city’s growth didn’t stop, and with time, its architecture was transformed; nevertheless, the heart of Bologna conserved its medieval legacy that is now recognized by the UNESCO.

The Asinelli Tower of Bologna

The city gained its prestige thanks to its architecture, particularly to the great number of towers it had. Nowadays we know that there were more than one hundred and that they constituted the symbol of power of this capital. Today, the perfect site to contemplate the medieval horizon of Bologna is, coincidentally, the 100 meter high (328 ft.) Asinelli tower. This ancient fortress is, together with its eternal companion, the Garisenda tower of 48 meters (157 ft.), the most emblematic symbol of the city.

The Asinelli tower is unique in its kind. It is located in Piazza di Porta Ravegnana and has a rare three meters (9.8 ft.) inclination. For this reason, not long ago they decided to take 20 meters (65 ft.) off the top in order to keep it from collapsing. The tower is a wonderful touristic attraction open for the public, and visiting it is an unforgettable experience that transports you to the past.

Getting to the top is quite a challenge, since you have to climb 498 wooden steps! We recommend going in the afternoon so that you enjoy the light of the tramonto. Wear comfortable clothes and take a map of downtown Bologna with you so you can locate the most important buildings from above. Don’t forget to pack a bottle of water and once at the top, enjoy the landscape and discover the hidden mysteries of the city with the help of the zoom in your camera.

At the crown of Asinelli, Bologna has a different color. You can distinguish the medieval core characterized by its red-colored roofs, the extension of its main streets and the distribution of the boroughs that form small clusters. As a contrast, you’ll spot in the distance the modern areas of the city, where you can find shopping centers and the airport. Now that you know, if you are planning a visit to Bologna, don’t hesitate to make this short trip to the top of Asinelli. It will offer you an aerial view of the city’s history.

Because reading is where the journey begins...
  • Visit a Cool Amphitheater

    We recommend visiting the amphitheater of the former Faculty of Medicine at the Archiginnasio of Bologna.

  • Take the Train from Bologna

    Departing from Bologna you can visit the cities of Florence, Venice, Rome, Milan, Turin and Pisa. Take the train.

  • Choose the Best Hotel Location

    Most touristic attractions in Bologna are located near the University and Main Square, so reserve a hotel in the nearby area.

  • Pedestrian-Only Streets

    In downtown Bologna they close three of the main streets during the weekends in order to make them pedestrian-only.

  • Uncountable Art Galleries

    Bologna has the greatest number of art galleries in the world. They take up 38 km of its historic downtown.

  • Typical Food in Bologna

    There are several osterias in Bologna. These are typical Italian taverns where they sell very tasty food.