The Tecozautla Tower
The Torreón is the iconic identitary symbol of the town of Tecozautla. Did you know it holds a replica of England’s Big Ben?

Visit Tecozautla on your Trip to Hidalgo

If you are a fan of historical monuments and weekend escapades, it will be a great choice if you visit the quiet town of Tecozautla, Hidalgo.

Tecozautla, Magical Town

Located three hours away from Mexico City driving on the Mexico-Querétaro highway, this town’s main square is home to El Torreón (Tower), a very representative historical monument.

It was built during the government of Porfirio Díaz –a Mexican dictator who introduced the French architectural style–, for the celebration of the first Centenary of the Mexican Independence.

Structure of the Tecozautla Quarry Tower

The monument’s structure is divided in three levels, and its main body is decorated with four eagles –one on each side–, the bird that served as a symbol of that president’s government.

If you stand on the Torreón’s pedestal and look up, you’ll be able to appreciate its great height of 25 meters (82 feet), as well as the different tones of cantera stone that show its neoclassical elegant construction style. At the same time, if you raise your eyes even higher, you’ll find on the third level a replica of England’s Big Ben clock, including its German machinery. It has the peculiarity of announcing the time every quarter hour with a cheerful ring. It’s most amusing characteristic: every three hours it plays a Mexican melody that can be heard all around the square where it’s located.

From the lower part of the Torreón you can look up and observe the roof where you’ll find an engraving with the date 1912, the year when the monument was finished. There, you will also have access to a small door that leads directly to the clock’s machinery room.

For a long time, the Torreón has been a landmark for the inhabitants of Tecozautla. Youngsters go there to mingle and flirt or share an ice cream with their fiends. It is also the site where most social and national celebrations take place, including the Independence of Mexico’s festivities, Christmas plays and even political speeches. In that sense, it’s possible to say that this tower has witnessed transcendental events whose memories have remained inside its walls. Therefore, apart from being a valuable monument of the early twentieth century, it is the iconic identitary symbol of the town of Tecozautla.

Fun Facts About the Torreón in Tecozautla

Originally, the Torreón was meant to have four levels and a pointed rooftop; however, since it was not finished for the celebration of the Centenary of the Mexican Independence in 1910, they stopped the construction work and left it with its current design.

Because reading is where the journey begins...
  • Take a Walk

    Tecozautla is a very safe destination for long walks at night. Take that into account.

  • Try Something Delish

    When you travel to Tecozautla ask where they sell aniseed bread, a local specialty.

  • Take a Walk

    All around the Torreon’s square in Tecozautla there are several ice cream shops. Visit them before taking a promenade around the square.

  • Torreon Interrupted

    The beginning of the Mexican Revolution interrupted the construction of the Torreon in Tecozautla.

  • Tecozautla, Pueblo Magico

    Tecozautla was declared Pueblo Magico in 2015.

  • The Cleanest Hot Springs

    The hot springs in Tecozautla are considered some of the cleanest in the world.