Petrified Waterfalls of Hierve el Agua
They say that the springs in Hierve el Agua were a sacred site for the Zapotec culture. Visit them!

Exploring Hierve el Agua in Oaxaca

If you travel to the state of Oaxaca and visit the gigantic mountain range nearby, take the road that leads to the Isthmus of Tehuantepec and visit the majestic petrified springs of the Mixe Sierra, better known as the Cascadas de Hierve el Agua (Petrified Waterfalls). These are located in the ranch of Isidro Roaguía, in San Lorenzo Albarradas. They are called like that because of the bubbles that spring forth from them as if the water was boiling.

How to Get to Hierve el Agua

The adventure will begin at the mountain skirts where, for twenty Mexican pesos per passenger, you can rent a shuttle service that will transport up to 15 passengers up the hill. It is then that the flux of adrenaline will be triggered as the skillful drivers rush through narrow paths swerving to avoid obstacles with quick maneuvers. Truly, the trajectory to get there will be a thrilling experience because as they speed nonstop, they will describe the fauna and flora found along the way.

Once you reach the springs you’ll find the idyllic view of the greenish lagoons and trapped minerals that make up the surface at Hierve el Agua. Meanwhile, you’ll feel a slight breeze coming from behind the mountain range caressing your face and inspiring you to open your arms and close your eyes as you lift you head up to the sky.

Bathing in The Springs of Hierve el Agua

Apart from relaxing body and mind with the amazing landscapes, you’ll have the chance to put on your swimsuit in one of the available dressing rooms and swim in the 25ºC (77ºF) springs. We guarantee that the yellow, red, and brown colors of the water, apart from the artistic figures formed by the minerals in the lagoons, will offer you the perfect framing for professional landscape photography.

The Best Food in Oaxaca

Later, you’ll have the chance to indulge in tasty meals that include cecina –salted and sun-dried meat that may or may not be seasoned with chili and that is either broiled or grilled– and the traditional tlayudas, which are made with enormous blue corn crunchy tortillas spread with black beans and sprinkled with prickly pear and grated cheese. All these delicious dishes that will make your mouth water are sold in small stalls with wooden roofs.

One thing that is for sure, is that it’s a good idea to wait for a while after you eat before heading back to the mountain skirts because, once again, a bumpy ride on the shuttle will await and you won’t want to have all that food going up and down your stomach, will you?

Tips For Visiting Hierve el Agua

Try to carry only what you need. When you’re near the springs you might need to use your hands to hold on the rocks and avoid slipping.

Wear tennis shoes or hiking boots in order to walk comfortably along the slippery terrain and stay safe from cactus nettles.

Because reading is where the journey begins...
  • Learn Something New

    Oaxaca is also known as the gastronomical capital of Mexico, so take a 1-day cooking class with the locals and learn how to prepare delicious recipes.

  • Photograph Landscapes

    Take your camera to Hierve el Agua because the landscapes you’ll find there are breathtaking.

  • Enjoy a Good Swim

    Water in Hierve el Agua is warm enough to enjoy a good swim.

  • Get a Ride

    It’s not easy to get to Hierve el Agua on your own, so reserve a tour in advance.

  • Travel Green

    Wear comfortable shoes and practice Eco touristic activities in Hierve el Agua, including hiking and bike tours.

  • Make a Toast with Mezcal

    At shops where they sell mezcal they’ll offer you tastings of its different flavors, but take into account that this beverage has an alcohol content of 60º.

  • Linguistic Diversity

    Oaxaca is the Mexican state with the most varied ethnic and linguistic diversity.

  • Presidential Origins

    Two of the most famous Mexican presidents, Benito Juarez and Porfirio Diaz, were born in Oaxaca.

  • Craftworks from Oaxaca

    Black clay is not the only thing that’s popular from Oaxaca. Alebrijes (wooden fantastical figures) and indigenous textiles are also well known.

  • Cool Petrified Cascades

    The petrified cascades of Hierve el Agua formed thousands of years ago due to the calcium carbonate saturated water that scurried over the cliffs.

  • From Turkey to Mexico

    In Turkey there’s a similar attraction to the waterfalls of Hierve el Agua. It’s known as Pamukkale.

  • Sacred Waterfalls

    They say that the waterfalls of Hierve el Agua were sacred to the Zapotec culture.