CityCenter in Las Vegas Strip
In CityCenter, Las Vegas, the buildings, boutiques and works of art strategically placed along the pathways and terraces conform a gigantic exhibit.

Art Tour in Las Vegas

South of Boulevard Las Vegas rises a city that gathers all the glamour of one of America’s favorite destinations.

This small community of hotels equipped with the latest in technology, awarded the Five Diamonds recognition, first class spas, restaurants created by world known chefs, luxury boutiques, one of the biggest contemporary art collections ever to be exhibited in a public space, exclusive condo towers and casinos, makes up the biggest construction project created with private financing in the United States.

A Project by MGM Resorts International and Dubai World

Although MGM Resorts International and Dubai World generated the sparkle that gave birth to this construction project, it was carried out by different architects, artists and designers whose vision and talent created a work that may be enjoyed individually or as a whole. Therefore, CityCenter can be defined as a huge gallery where the buildings and works of art strategically placed along the pathways and terraces come together as a gigantic exhibit. Actually, it’s the first permanent contemporary art collection in a public space in Las Vegas and the world’s largest corporate art collection. That’s why DINKtravelers has created this tour of its architecture.

Aria Resort & Casino

Even if it’s true that the Aria Resort & Casino is the main attraction of CityCenter, the rest of the buildings that integrate this architectural ensemble are not less beautiful, and so, together they paint an urban landscape with unique geometrical combinations. In that sense, the Aria has two crystal semicircular towers, floor to ceiling windows in all the guestrooms that allow a maximum usage of natural light and offer spectacular night views of the city, as well as a three story lobby decorated with natural materials including stone, wood and foliage.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel

The Mandarin Oriental hotel grows as a slightly tilted 47-story tower that shows unique elegance and refinement with oriental details in contemporary motifs.

Veer Towers and Vdara Hotel & Spa

As magnificent as this building are the condos found at the Veer Towers, which lean in opposite directions and are easily distinguished by their yellow sunshades aligned as a chessboard. On the other hand, Vdara Hotel & Spa plays with multiple panoramic views thanks to its wide windows, while it makes great use of curves and horizontal lines both in its modern interiors and at the main entrance.

The Shops at Crystals

Finally, The Shops at Crystals will surprise you with the tubular whirling water and ice compositions illuminated with neon lights, the colorful flower carpet in the lobby and the ovoid structure that grows as a tree house to accommodate a fancy restaurant.

In short, CityCenter is a fine example of innovation and talent in art, design and contemporary architecture that invites us to spend several hours taking uncountable pictures.

Because reading is where the journey begins...
  • Get a Ride

    In order to go from one casino to another on a very sunny or cold day, take the Monorail. It connects several hotels from the MGM to the SLS.

  • Go on a Helicopter Tour

    Make the best of your trip to Las Vegas by taking a helicopter tour to the Grand Canyon.

  • Shop Smart

    There are souvenir shops inside all the casinos; however we also recommend visiting the city’s outlets.

  • Sustainable casinos

    Casinos and hotels use greywater in their fountains and artificial lakes. This is wastewater generated in households or office buildings and it’s a smart alternative that avoids wasting drinking water in architectural design.

  • Helpless Gambling

    Even though only 15% of travelers plan a gambling trip, more than 70% of them end up gambling once they are in Las Vegas.

  • Are You Sure It's Legal?

    It might appear to be different, but actually, prostitution is not legal in Las Vegas.