Ecotourism in The Dolomites
In Gemona del Friuli, calm and hospitality are enriched by a dose of ecotouristic adrenaline.

Peak Experiences in Gemona del Friuli, Italy

Practicing ecotourism is like opening a door to discover landscapes like no others and natural beauties that may be enjoyed to the extreme. Today, we invite you to go on an escapade to one of northern Italy’s favorite cities. When you visit the mountain range called the Dolomites, you’ll have the chance to live a thrilling adventure.

Tourism in Gemona del Friuli

Gemona del Friuli is located in the region of Venice-Julia, near Slovenia. Created in the seventh century, its ancient name was Glemonae. The development of this small city was achieved thanks to its magnificent geographical setting. Actually, even now it remains an important bordering zone and meeting point between Mediterranean and Nordic countries. Gemona was born a small village built by the Celts who were later dominated by the Romans, but after the Roman Empire fell, the Ostrogoths occupied the area. Due to its multicultural heritage, Gemona is rich in traditions, all of which are united under the incomparable seal of the Italian culture.

Scenic Route of the Dolomites

The Dolomites were the stage on which all these transformations took place. These mountains make up part of the eastern Alps and they were named after the French geologist Déodat Dolomieu who discovered the properties of the dolomite rock, an element that gives these mountains their characteristic white color. This massive range has become the most precious natural setting of Gemona, since it is the landscape that its inhabitants wake up to every morning and the place where they usually go to have fun on the weekends or where they exercise surrounded by nature.

In Gemona del Friuli, the calm and hospitality of its people will be the motivation that inspires you to relax body and mind before initiating your quest. As for the best time to visit the Dolomites, everyone’s favorite seasons are spring and summer at dawn. Wake up with the sunrise and put on your sports clothes. Once you’re ready: Andiamo! It is possible to reach the mountain skirts on foot and from there continue through the naturally designed trails, enjoying the unique landscape. Ready for a dose of adrenaline?

Dolomites Bike Tours

If you like speed, continue your trek on a different means of transportation; it’s a great idea to practice mountain biking there and the best of all is that you can rent a bike in one of the tourist shelters located at the mountain base. However, if what you want is to have a closer contact with the environment, then your best choice is to go mountain climbing –you can rent the equipment there but you are also welcome to bring your own.

The Ski Area of Dolomiti Superski

If you have planned to travel to Gemona del Friuli during the last months of the year, don’t be disappointed. There is also a great alternative for you, since there are more than 350 ski trails in the Dolomites of different difficulty levels.

The fame the Dolomites have acquired as a natural setting and destination earned them the title of World Heritage in 2009. This well-deserved recognition granted by the UNESCO makes them an ideal destination for tourists who, just like you, are eager to have a different experience.

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