Porto Wine-Tasting Tour
Portugal is the fifth greatest wine exporter in the European Union. Fine here Oporto’s finest wine varieties.

Wine Tasting in Portugal

A high-end touristic experience is created when we venture to use all our senses and take in a destination in a more intimate way. Here, we invite you to delight yourself with the taste of Portugal in a glass of wine; it will award even the most demanding palate with the taste of a millenary wine tradition.

Winemaking in Portugal

Portugal is the fifth greatest wine exporter in the European Union and it is part of the top three consumer countries, competing with France and Italy. It is the virtues of the Portuguese weather that make its wines some of the most demanded in Europe. However, the most famous producer and vendor of this ancestral liquid is the beautiful city of Oporto, where it is actually possible to visit vineyards and museums that are scattered along a wine route declared World Heritage by the UNESCO.

Porto Wine History

The elaboration of the famous vinho do Porto dates back to the XVIIth Century, when the economical incentive granted by England favored the multiplication of vineyards along the Duero riverbank, and it opened the doors for this product’s exportation. During that time they implemented different wine preservation techniques so that the elixir would survive the long transportation journeys; for example, they added a small amount of moonshine in order to preserve its incomparable taste. The British demand was so great that it helped establish this city’s prestige and it turned its maritime routes into transportation canals that are still visited by millions of tourists, particularly during summer.

It was in 1933 when the wine industry in Oporto stopped being sponsored by foreign capital and it was then controlled by the newly created Oporto Wine Exporters Guild, which was established at the same time as the Porto Wine Institute, where specialists embarked on a quest to rescue their wine production history and share it with the world through tourism.

Port Wine Varieties

Today, Oporto is a synonym of good wine, and you’ll be able to taste it if you visit the different wineries found along the riverbank and that have excellent varieties that will please you. If you prefer the classics, go with a Branco, a delicate wine; but if your all-time favorite is red wine, then taste a Ruby, elaborated with a fine selection of berries. However, if you want to try something new, choose a Tawny, a rosé with woody notes and a slight taste of dry fruits. What’s most important is that before going back home, you must not forget to take the taste of Portugal with you by trying an Envelhecido, a wine of the highest quality that has been waiting for your lips for over 30 years.

Because reading is where the journey begins...
  • Choose the Perfect Pairing

    After you dine in Porto, order an Oporto wine, an excellent choice to pair with dessert.

  • Take a Pic!

    Luis I Bridge is one of the most famous monuments in Porto so don’t miss the chance to take a picture there.

  • Go on a Wine Tour

    If you love wine tourism, visit Vila Nova Gaia wineries.

  • Ancient Denomination of Origin

    Oporto wine is one of the oldest wines with Denomination of Origin.

  • The Origins of Oporto

    Many people believe Oporto wine was named after the city where the grape is grown, but actually, its name comes from the port where it was commercialized during the 17th century.

  • Northeaster Vineyards

    Oporto vineyards are located in northeast Portugal, about 100km away from the city of Porto.

  • Regulated Wine-Making

    The elaboration process of Oporto wine is very controlled and regulated. There are strict rules that wine producers must follow from the moment they grow the grapes until they bottle the product.