The Big Ben Tower
The Big Ben Tower nestles a +13 tons bell and every 118 days the clock has a 2 decimals-of-a-second delay. Visit it in London!

Visit the Big Ben in London

Walking along the streets of London means traveling back in time to an epoch in which elegant ladies wearing adorned hats and fine-looking gentlemen adorned the streets of this beautiful city.

Without doubt, visiting that same destination with its ever-changing protagonists has become an experience that every traveler should enjoy in his/her journeys across European territories. That’s why DINKtravelers recommends choosing the Big Ben as the protagonist of your photos in your next British-inspired trip.

The Great Fire of 1834

Due to a fire that burned the former Westminster Palace in 1834, there was the need to build a new palace that could become the seat for the most important government institution in that country: the Parliament of the United Kingdom. Therefore, they organized a contest in which more than 97 designs were presented. The winner was Sr. Charles Barry’s project, although it didn’t consider a clock tower. Yet, in 1843 they added the Big Ben, which has become an icon of the British culture.

The Elizabeth Tower

This famous tower is known as The Elizabeth Tower, the Big Ben or The Great Bell. These last two names were established in honor of Sir Benjamin Hall, who added to the construction a huge bell that weighs over 13 tons.

The tower was built in a period of 13 years, following an elegant neo-gothic order. Throughout that time it slowly reached its present-day height of 316 feet, equivalent to 96.32m. It’s made of 850 cubic meters of stone and 2,600 cubic meters of brick. If you want to reach the top of the bell tower, you must climb up 334 stairs, and 393 in case you want to get to the lighthouse, a.k.a. Ayrton Light.

Photos of the Big Ben

  • Zoom in and focus on the clock, making sure you capture two of the tower’s faces. This way you’ll create symmetry in your image.

  • Use a worm’s-eye view to make the tower look grand and mighty.

  • Take pictures of this majestic tower at dusk. This way you’ll capture a deep blue hue in the sky combined with the glimmering lights of the Big Ben that are typical of night landscapes in London. These pictures will be the best souvenir you can take from your trip to England.

Big Ben Fun facts

  • The Big Ben’s clock has a delay of two decimals of a second every 118 days.

  • On the quarter-hour, visitors enjoy a melody known as the Westminster Chimes.

Because reading is where the journey begins...
  • Take a Virtual Tour

    Visits to the interior of the Big Ben are only available for British residents; however, you can take a virtual tour of the monument.

  • Visit the Parliament

    Take the guided tour at Westminster Palace. You’ll visit the see of the British Parliament.

  • Be on Time

    Surely you’re familiar with British punctuality, don’t be late for guided tours because they won’t wait for you.

  • Alias, the Big Ben

    The Big Ben is not really called like that. It is commonly referred to as Clock Tower and officially known as Elizabeth Tower.

  • A Musical Nickname

    The name of Big Ben comes from the huge bell that hangs from the Clock Tower.

  • A Tall Clock

    The Big Ben is 96m high and it’s the world’s third tallest tower.