Explore Parliament Hill
Above the Ottawa horizon rises the Tower of Peace, the city’s tallest building, which celebrates Canada’s dedication to peace.

Tour in Canada

Canada is one of the biggest countries in the world and it’s also one of the coldest. Also, it harbors many attractions, mainly natural, given that it’s not a very populated country. Yet, the few cities that conform it stand out as touristic centers.

One of said cities is Ottawa, this great country’s capital, and it’s located in the southeastern part of the territory, close to Toronto, Montreal and Quebec. In Ottawa you’ll find numerous places that are full of national emblematic monuments, many of them declared historic sites. Most of them are located in the oldest part of the city, known as Lower Town, between the Rideau Canal and the Ottawa River. There, the combination between nature and urban development is impressive, and to prove it, let’s just say that the Rideau Canal was declared Cultural Heritage by the UNESCO.

Ottawa is full of museums and art galleries, and even though you can drive across the city to visit them, DINKtravelers recommends making the tour on foot. This way you’ll be able to appreciate your destination much better and you won’t have trouble when you reach downtown, where it’s difficult to find parking lots.

Parliament Hill in Ottawa

Another important spot you should visit is Parliament Hill, also known as “The Hill”. It’s a political and cultural center characterized by historic buildings that conform the Parliament premises. The development includes the Centre Block and the Peace Tower, both built in Neo-gothic style.

Originally, it was planned as a great fortress because the terrains found in that area belonged to the monarchy. Besides, it had a privileged location because it was naturally protected by the Ottawa River. And in order to complement the scenery, we must point out that it was built in the middle of a beech and hemlock forest.

On the other hand, the Peace Tower is famous for being the tallest tower in Ottawa and, actually, it’s not allowed to construct any other building that surpasses the tower in height. We recommend climbing to the top so you can enjoy one of the best views of the city.

Guided tours of the parliament and the tower are given hourly and they’re free. Best of all, local students will be your guides and we guarantee they’ll make a great experience out of your visit; quite fun, actually.

Winterlude Festival Ottawa

Many cultural activities take place in Ottawa, particularly festivals. In February, for example, they have the Winterlude Festival, followed by the Tulips Festival in May. Still, we recommend making your travel reservations for the summer because that’s when they organize several music festivals to which they invited renowned artists. And as a silver lining, don’t miss the festivities that take place on July 1st, when they celebrate Canada Day.

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