Real del Monte Tours
Real del Monte is famous for its paved streets, its location in the mountains and its mining tradition.

Travel to Mineral del Monte in Hidalgo

Cities and beaches are constantly chosen as touristic destinations due to the magnificence of the first and the tranquility found in the latter; however, small towns are equally attractive for travelers because they combine architectonic highlights that are worth visiting and which are embraced by an appeasing and relaxed environment. In Mexico there are numerous towns, each with its peculiarities. For example, Mineral del Monte, better known as Real del Monte, is a small town founded in the mountains of the state of Hidalgo, which is famous for its typical streets and its mining tradition.

Top Things to Do in Real del Monte

In Real del Monte, only a few miles away from the city of Pachuca, you’ll find majestic landscapes as well as a gastronomic tradition with an international inheritance. Even though El Rosario’s church (built with quarry stone from Tezoantla) is not considered among its main attractions, DINKtravelers recommends using it as a reference point from which you can start your tour around this destination.

As a mining town, its most spectacular attractions are its eighteenth-century mines. There are still some in which you’ll find open galleries that are used as museums, so visit them and discover the experience of penetrating dark tunnels while wearing a classical mining helmet.

The Mine District of Pachuca

Real del Monte’s mining tradition began when the Spanish introduced their techniques during colonial times; however, the British companies that arrived in the nineteenth century took over the mines and changed to more innovating techniques. At the same time, it was the British who brought soccer to Mexico, the most popular sport in the country nowadays; and to add more, they spread the gastronomic tradition of pastes –a type of pastry filled with either ground meat and potato or other fillings such as black beans and potato with chicken, or sweet fillings like pineapple jam and rice pudding.

Weather in Real del Monte

As we mentioned above, Real del Monte is located in the mountains. For this reason, its streets and alleys are significantly steep. Also, many of them still have a colonial paving, so that enhances the feeling of being immersed in a quaint context. Truth be told, Real del Monte is one of the Mexican towns with the highest altitudes, so the weather there is predominantly cold, rainy and foggy. For this reason, we recommend going on a promenade around midday, just after lunch, so you can still appreciate the mountain views before fog covers the landscape.

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