Salt Mines in Peru
The city of Maras in Peru harbors some of the biggest salt mines in the world. Visit them!

A Journey to Cusco

What’s the first image that comes to your mind when you think of Peru? Macchu Picchu, of course! As we have stated in previous articles, this archaeological destination has a unique charm. Yet, Peru harbors many secrets distributed in routes that are worth following. For this reason, DINKtravelers will take you on a journey around Cusco and we’ll even add a pinch of salt to make it better.

How to Go to Cusco

We recommend reserving a direct flight to the Teniente Alejandro Velasco Airport. It’s best to get there before noon so you can still go for a walk during the evening and diminish the effects of jet lag, because the change of altitude in that city might take its toll on your body. If you want to use public transportation to go downtown, use the airport’s Transfer service but don’t forget to make an online reservation in advance. This way you’ll reach your destination in only 15 minutes!

Lodging in Cusco

Once in the city you’ll find several lodging options near the city center. Around Main Square you’ll see a wide variety of fine jewelry businesses and, not far from there, you’ll spot the famous market of Saint Blas, renown for its bohemian environment and for the endless variety of traditional artwork you can buy there. If you’re looking for a cultural souvenir, alpaca wool clothes are highly recommended.

What to Do in Cusco

For people who love architecture, the Cathedral of Cusco is a visual delight. Built  in 1559, it’s one of the first cathedrals in America. Its transept floor with three naves, superb towers and Renaissance façade remind us of the Spanish heritage in America. Around the building you’ll find restaurants where you can enjoy typical Peruvian gastronomy. We recommend trying the chuño de cola, an Inca concoction prepared with chuño –potato starch that’s boiled in a spicy broth and mixed with peas, beans and rice.

Salt Mines in Maras

This tasty treat will be the perfect fuel to go on a tour to Maras. You can reserve a guided visit at different touristic offices or checkpoints in the city or you can also go on your own. Whatever your choice is, dedicate a whole morning to this adventure. Why there? Because its more than 2,000 salt mines have become some of the most popular cultural landscapes in Latin America. Twentieth century Peruvian economy owes much to this impressive cream-colored horizon that is even today an important work source for the local population. The salt mines in Maras are, without doubt, a natural element you must see before going back home; and if you like archaeology, nearby you’ll find the Moray site, an ancient agricultural research center that was active during the Inca era.

Now you know, if you travel to Peru, allow its urban, gastronomical and natural beauties to conquer you.

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