Typical Italian Products
Do you want to find flavorful souvenir ideas from Italy? Read on!

Italian Souvenirs

Going on a journey and having different experiences is priceless. However, before your wonderful trip is over you think about the people whom you told you’d be traveling. Family, some friends, colleagues, your boss… It’s time to find souvenirs for them. They needn’t necessarily be expensive but you want to get them something nice. This will also give you an opportunity to share your travel experience with them. That’s why today, DINKtravelers would like to give you an idea for a snappy and fancy souvenir from Italy.

Limoncello Liqueur

Yes, Italian wine could be one of the options but some vintage wines can be pricey,  so we recommend going for Limoncello. This yellow lovely alcoholic beverage is a lemon liqueur which is mainly produced in southern Italy. This drink used to be homemade and served as an after-dinner digestivo in the Sorrento region. It spread among Italy and then the rest of Europe thanks to tourists. Nowadays, it’s exported globally and it has become the second most popular drink in Italy.

It evidently tastes like lemon, so it’s fresh, while it’s also a little bit bitter and sweet. Yes, it’s easy to drink. However, please note that its alcohol content is not so low (between 28-34%).

How to Drink Limoncello

Limoncello is traditionally served chilled and drunk straight, although, there are some cocktails that are prepared with Limoncello as well. There are many variations of Limoncello available; for example, there’s Pistachiocello (pistachio taste), Meloncello (melon taste) and Fragoncello (strawberry taste). If you prefer the least alcoholic version, go for a creamier version known as Crema di Limoncello (around 16%).

There are a bunch of varieties of bottles/labels of Limoncello. Take your time to choose one you really like. It might be one shaped as a half moon or even high boots. All the labels are impressively beautiful and artistic, so there’s something different for each of the receivers that come to your mind. Varied sizes are also available!

Italian Olive Oil

Is the souvenir meant for someone who doesn’t drink alcohol? Another great choice could be truffle olive oil or grapeseed olive oil. Without doubt, truffle is a luxury viand, so it’s costly. However, truffle oil is not that much. You can choose between white and black truffle oil. In general, the black one is a great pairing for French cuisine while the white one is the perfect match for Italian cuisine.

Use these oils as dressing for fresh greens. The oil’s flavor will fill your mouth and enrich the salad turning into a feast. Another choice is to pour it on a baguette, garlic bread, creamy pasta, risotto or omelet. This is a great souvenir choice, you won’t regret it.

Don’t forget that souvenirs are not only meant for other people but also for you. Choose a sample of each of these flavorful ideas and pamper yourself!

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